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  • Ideal for wet and dry grinding, mixing and homogenization
  • Final fineness 10 – 20 μm
  • Ideally suited for cryogenic grinding
  • Easy cleaning through simple removal of pestle and mortar bowl

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    Versatile Use

    Thanks to its special mode of operation, the FRITSCH Mortar Grinder PULVERISETTE 2 is the ideal universal grinder in the laboratory – for analysis, quality control and materials testing as well as for the mixing and homogenisation of pastes and creams on a laboratory scale. Its particularly gentle grinding by friction with almost no thermal load is ideal for the preparation of tablets in galenics. Using liquid nitrogen it also grinds difficult-to-mill samples with moist, fibrous or elastic structures. And the PULVERISETTE 2 is also ideally suited for mixing of solids or liquids and solids. With brief, reliably reproducible grinding and mixing times, it is loss and dust free. For final finenesses of between 10 and 20 μm, with a feed size of 6 – 8 mm and a max. sample quantity of up to 190 ml.


    Gentle fine grinding

    The principle of the Mortar Grinder is the oldest grinding principle in the world: using pressure and friction, the pestle, with its large grinding sur face, grinds the material against the walls and bottom of the mortar bowl. Your advantage: a particularly uniform and gentle grinding through friction, mixing or homogenisation of organic and inorganic samples with no thermal load – dry or in suspension at 70 to 80 rpm.

  • Features
    • For hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle, fibrous and abrasive materials
    • Particularly gentle grinding with no thermal load
    • Precisely adjustable pestle pressure and optimum scraper kinematics
    • Loss-free grinding thanks to closed grinding chamber
    • Illuminated grinding chamber for optimum control
    • Simple filling even during grinding
    • Easy cleaning through simple removal of pestle and mortar bowl
    • Cryogenic grinding
    • Automatic timer for reproducible grinding times

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    FRITSCH Advantage

    The PULVERISETTE 2 is ideally suited for cryogenic grinding, where the material to be ground is embrittled with the addition of liquid nitrogen. In this manner moist, fibrous or elastic samples such as tomatoes, rubber, synthetic resins or plants can be ground without problem in the stainless steel grinding set.


    Configure your Mortar Grinder PULVERISETTE 2 exactly to your specific application

    Only available from FRITSCH: the mortar bowls of the PULVERISETTE 2 are rimmed regardless of the material, in a robust shell of shock-resistant plastic, which protects the actual bowl. This makes it particularly durable and the integrated all around grip ensures optimum working conditions. All FRITSCH mortar bowls have an extra high rim and are sealed by a sealing lip in the lid.

    For contamination-free sample grinding, select the grinding set of your PULVERISETTE 2 from seven different materials – the appropriate pestle and scraper are also supplied. A grinding set made of stainless steel without a plastic frame is available, especially for cryogenic grinding using liquid nitrogen to embrittle the material to be ground. It is also heat-resistant and can be cleaned with solvents.

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  • Applications / Solutions

    • Sample preparation of mineral animal feed

      Many various different kinds of animal feed exist which differ in regards to each animal in composition, appearance and analysis. Nevertheless exact guidelines for its contents in regards to minerals, possible additives and unwanted ingredients exist. Essential for each animal feed is though, that the composition has to be inspected.

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    • Pigment processing: The isolation of the naturally beautiful

      Mankind has always enjoyed enduring works of art. The particles of the pigments have always been playing a major role. For example, the oldest cave paintings still impress us today. One of the most renowned experts for the production of historical pigments is Dr. Kremer from Aichstetten (Bavaria, Germany). FRITSCH laboratory mills are of great importance in Dr. Kremer's pigment processing.

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    • Hydrolytic Class of Glass

      Packaging in all variations is an indispensable part of today’s society. So it is implicit that almost every sold product is packaged. The materials from which the packaging is made are often viewed non-critical. But it is to be assumed that substances from packaging transfer into the wrapped product. Therefore an analysis of for example glass packaging is essential.

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    • Processing cocoa beans in the laboratory

      The most important products which we as consumers come in contact with are cocoa beverages and chocolate. The most important characteristic trait for us is the taste. But before they become chocolate, the cocoa beans have to be roasted, peeled and cracked open.

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    • Comminution of Pills

      The determination of substances contained in tablets after the production process is mandated according to the analytical rules of the German and European Pharmacopoeia. These rules include an analysis in regards to quality, effectiveness and safety of all contained active components and auxiliary materials.

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