FRITSCH on the road with the mobile laboratory

Test the FRITSCH laboratory instruments with your own samples directly at your location!

Use the opportunity to discuss your special applications with our experts. Test our instruments for milling, sieving, dividing and particle sizing conveniently in our fully equipped laboratory bus directly at your location – of course free-of-charge and non-binding.

FRITSCH Roadshows on demand 2022

But even outside of the scheduled roadshows, you can test FRITSCH instruments any time at your site. Just schedule an appointment and we will stop by.
For a visit with the mobile lab just contact: Walter de Oliveira for France, Spain or Portugal or for an individual customer visit with laboratory instruments, please contact Thomas Stratesteffen for zip code area 0, 1, 2, 3, 9, and Eastern Europe to schedule an appointment.

Past Roadshows 2022