Reproducible comminution for a wide range of samples

The quietly operating Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 is the ideal laboratory mixer for very fast and gentle comminution and homogenisation of moist, oily and fatty as well as of dry, soft, medium-hard and fibrous samples.
The specially curved knife blades of the PULVERISETTE 11 achieve with up to 56,000 cutting processes per minute, significantly faster a homogeneous sample than comparable instruments at the same grinding time and rotational speed. And in reverse mode, the PULVERISETTE 11 enables a better thorough mixing if necessary.

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  • Max. feed size (depends on material)
  • 40 mm
  • Max. sample quantity
  • 1,400 ml
  • Final fineness
  • < 300 µm
  • Rotational speed
  • 2,000 - 10,000 rpm, turbo function with 14,000 rpm