The roots of FRITSCH

Our history

FRITSCH is more than just a brand: it is backed by a strong, medium-sized, family business in its fourth generation, which has been firmly embedded in the region since 1920 and globally active for decades with subsidiaries in Russia, Singapore, China and the USA as well as 2 employees in France. Today, this tradition is continued by Robert Fritsch, with the support of technical director Wolfgang Mutter, sales manager Wolfgang Simon, and approximately 100 employees. And with Sebastian and Maximilian Fritsch the next generation is ready to follow.


  • 1920Company foundation

    1920 the company was founded as a technical precious stones dealer in the precious stones metropolis of Idar-Oberstein and sold agate mortars for production of powders to pharmacists and chemical laboratories.

  • 1955FRITSCH specializes

    In the mid-fifties FRITSCH is already one of the specialists in the application laboratory.

  • 1962The first patent

    FRITSCH introduces the first self-developed and patented Planetary Mill. Additional technological developments ensue.

  • 1973Launch of first own product line

    In the Industriesstrasse 8, FRITSCH built the first production facility. The demands on quality which FRITSCH requests for its laboratory instruments, is ensured perfectly, because now quality made by FRITSCH is produced from one source – completely from the first idea to the finished instrument. 

  • 1985Start into laser technology

    The start into high-tech laser technology with an important milestone: the first Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 with convergent laser beam.

  • 2005FRITSCH becomes international

    FRITSCH opens the first foreign representation in Singapore. Additional representations in Russia, China, USA and two employees in France follow.

  • 2007Grinding into the nano range

    The Planetary Micro Mill PULVERISETTE 7 premium line is introduced. Due to innovative, sunken grinding bowls for the first time rotational speeds up to 1100 rpm are possible and ultrafine grinding results down into the nano range are achieved.

  • 2012The premium line Offensive

    The premium line range is extended 2012 by 4 additional, high-tech laboratory mills for various applications. In the field of particle measuring the Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 with Dynamic Image Analysis for particle shape and size analysis was developed.

  • 2014Dedication of the new production facility

    When the new, 4,900 m2 production facility above FRITSCH’s company headquarters in Idar-Oberstein was brought into service in the summer of 2014, the entire production process – from the raw materials supply right through to the assembly of the competed instruments – was reunited under one roof. For shorter distances, simpler processes and a pleasant working environment.

  • 2015The new FRITSCH Generation

    And with Sebastian and Maximilian Fritsch the next generation is ready to follow and is already actively involved in the future of FRITSCH. Maximilian Fritsch works as Assistant Manager of business administration and Sebastian Fritsch works as Sales Manager Asia Pacific in international sales.


    FRITSCH has developed into a global player: With 100 employees at the headquarters in Idar-Oberstein, as well as 15 employees in our sales offices. With our trade partners worldwide we generate a revenue of 18 Million Euro.