Individual Sample Grinding and Analysis

Showing you how it's done!

Our applications laboratory is pleased to help you to find the right mill or the perfect particle sizer for your special application - individual and competent. Benefit from our decades of experience.

On request, we conduct as part of a product recommendation a comminution, particle or sieve analysis of your material.

Please select the method of sample analysis and complete the online forms:

Comminution in a laboratory mill

Particle Analysis

After completing the online form, please send the print out together with your material to us.

For a sieve analysis, please complete the pdf-form:
Sieve Analysis (PDF-form)

After completing the PDF-form, please e-mail it to us in advance: Also please print the form and send it together with your material.


Additionally, you have the opportunity to have a sample preparation conducted directly in France, Russia or in the Asia-Pacific Region.


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