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  • More power with new drive concept
  • Extra-fast grinding with up to 1500 rpm
  • Precise adjustment of rotational speed, grinding time and pause periods
  • Programming and storage of grinding cycles

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    Stronger, Faster, Better

    The new, completely modified FRITSCH Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9 offers many practical advantages in all areas in which hard, brittle and fibrous material must be ground extremely quick down to analytical fineness. The PULVERISETTE 9 is very powerful, especially quiet, simple to operate, quick to clean and has a well-conceived drive concept and the grinding set is safe and easy to tension.


    Optimised grinding process via torque-optimised frequency converter

    In the Vibrating Cup Mill, the grinding is performed by horizontal circular oscillations of the grinding set on a vibrating plate. The grinding set consisting of ring and puck comminute the grinding sample with extremely high pressure, impact forces and friction. In this form of grinding, the transmission of forces onto the grinding sample is much more important than the pure motor power. For this reason, FRITSCH as the first provider worldwide, developed for the PULVERISETTE 9 a special motor and now equipped it with an especially interference-resistant, torque-optimised frequency converter which fulfils all the relevant safety standards worldwide. It ensures that the motor output is precisely matched to the grinding material and grinding set - which optimises the energy consumption.

    • High power with well-conceived drive concept
    • Extra-fast grinding with up to 1500 rpm
    • Precise adjustment of rotational speed, grinding time and pause periods
    • Programming and storage of grinding cycles
    • Self-explanatory multilingual menu navigation
    • Optimised tensioning of grinding set with anti-twist tensioning
    • Especially safe hood locking
    • Complete soundproof lining
    • Ergonomically optimized working position - grinding set is placed on a guide rail and easily moved to the final position
    • Detector detect agate grinding sets reducing rotational speed
    • Especially light grinding sets with heat insulated handles

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    Configure your Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9 exactly to your specific application

    Select the appropriate grinding set: Grinding sets in 5 different materials and 3 different sizes from 50 ml to 250 ml volume are available for the FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 9 – for each application the suitable one. The grinding set material must also be harder than the material to be ground though.
    FRITSCH also supplies heavy duty wheels with an arresting brake for the PULVERISETTE 9 – making your mill mobile!
    Also available is a practical manually-operated hydraulic FRITSCH Pellet Press.

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  • Applications / Solutions

    • In Focus: Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9

      The most obvious truth concerning the Vibrating Cup Mill is: it has stood the test of time and is still EFFECTIVE! There is hardly any other mill faster at grinding hard and brittle materials down to analytical fineness is so easy to clean!

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    • Crushing concrete coarsely and fine

      Concrete is a complex material, which its characteristics due to its composition and as a result of the systematic addition of additives can be adjusted very differentiated. However, this results in the demand to monitor this composition for two reasons: in order to ensure the desired useful properties and also to ensure the quality of the mixture.

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    • Comminution of ferro alloys

      In the metallurgy an alloy is a mixture with metallic characteristics consisting of two or more chemical elements, from which at least one is a metal. Different and altering compositions always result in an analysis of the contents.

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