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  • Small and compact
  • Variable rotational speed 500-6000 rpm
  • Ideal for small sample quantities
  • Reproducible sample preparation



    Strong and compact

    With a maximum feed size of 25 mm and a variable rotor speed of 500-6000 rpm,  the FRITSCH Mini Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 29 comminutes quickly and powerful medium-hard, soft, tough, fibrous, tough-elastic and temperature sensitive materials such as grain, seeds or even plastics and other materials with a low specific density with reliable reproducible results. Due to the variable rotational speed adjustment between 500 and 6000 rpm you can fine tune the comminution process for each sample. And like all FRITSCH Cutting Mills, the Mini Cutting Mill is also unmatched in regards to simple and fast cleaning.

    The rotor knives as well as the fixed knives are turnable and therefore  particularly durable. The handling couldn‘t be easier, since rotor and fixed knives are simply inserted. An adjustment of the cutting gap is not necessary.


    Unique grinding chamber geometry

    Another advantage of FRITSCH Cutting Mills is their special grinding chamber geometry: Thanks to a progressively designed cutting geometry between the rotating cutting edges of the rotor and the fixed knives in the grinding chamber, the sample material is automatically transported away and thereby comminuted increasingly fine by shearing forces between the knives until the desired final fineness is achieved. In addition, the practical FRITSCH sieve inserts always automatically ensures the optimal distance to the rotor – and since there are practically no dead spaces, the sample material cannot come to a rest anywhere.

    • Fast, reproducible comminution due to high variable cutting rotor rotational speed 500 - 6000 rpm
    • 48,000 cutting processes per minute
    • Max. feed size 25 mm
    • Defined final fineness due to interchangeable sieve inserts – 0.25 – 6 mm
    • Easy, fast and thorough cleaning of the grinding chamber and of all cutting tools
    • Exceptionally long service life through use of turnable rotor and fixed knives
    • Cutting gap adjustment not necessary
    • Smooth, easy-to-clean interior grinding chamber walls

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  • Perfect for many analyses

    Ideal for analysis of moisture, raw fibre and ash as well as for IR and NIR

    Thanks to its variable rotational speed, the FRITSCH P-29 comminutes especially grain and other seeds in an optimal way and with almost no loss of moisture. It thus fulfils the essential requirement for analytically correct analysis in the area of feed and raw material sampling.

  • Particularly powerful

    Effective comminution

    The rotor with 4 straight cutting edges and fixed knives made of hardened stainless steel enable up to 48,000 cutting processes per minute.
    When it comes to the selected materials, we made sure to choose particularly high-quality materials and paid particular attention to processing.


    Defined final fineness

    Various sieve inserts made of stainless steel 316L with either square or trapezoidal perforation enable you to achieve a final fineness of 0.25 – 6 mm.


    Unmatched easy cleaning!

    The Mini Cutting Mill can be cleaned contamination-free in few simple steps. And the sieve inserts with square and trapezoidal perforation made of stainless steel 316L ensure with less dead space additionally a clearly simpler cleaning.

    Removable wear-free labyrinth seal for fast, residue-free cleaning

    The labyrinth seal made of stainless steel – on the shaft - is wear-free and offers effective contamination protection and no additional heat effect for your samples.


    Configure your Mini Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 29 exactly to your specific application

    The Mini Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 29 is equipped with 5 sample cups 100 ml. We offer a funnel with pusher, cutting rotor and sieve inserts, which need to be ordered separately.
    Our sieve inserts with trapezoidal and square perforations determine the final fineness of the sample and can be inserted quickly and easily and ensure automatically a constant distance between rotor and sample material.

    Your advantage: Always an optimal result.

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