Lab Gauntlet Challenge

FRITSCH was a highlight at the Lab Gauntlet Challenge during the PITTCON this year. Participants were tasked with the challenge of turning pre-embrittled gummi bears into powder using the Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11. The embrittlement was done with the use of dry ice. Participants were given the task of determining the time it would take – between 6 and 12 seconds – hit start and seize the opportunity to directly work with the PULVERISETTE 11.

It was a great success and a lot of fun for those who attended. We definitely fostered interest in the Knife Mill for the ability of cryogenic milling due to this. Participates who both completed the challenge and visited our booth had the chance in our raffle to win a GoPro video maker.

Pittcon 2020 awards FRITSCH as a Standout Exhibitor!

Pittcon provided its exhibitors with the award-winning E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluations as a value-added exhibitor service at Pittcon 2020. The E3 Team reviewed booths at Pittcon 2020, choosing its 2020 Standout Exhibitors in each of six booth success categories.
And this was the conclusion of the jurors in the category of effective staffing practices: This team really looked like a team! Visitors immediately knew who to ask for information! The staff had great energy and enthusiasm to boot!