Combining static light scattering with Dynamic Image Analysis

A very unique installation
In June we installed a combination of ANALYSETTE 22 and ANALYSETTE 28 at the Geological department of Ljubljana University. Surely not the first time both instruments were purchased at once, this was still special. It was the first case where both instruments were connected in order to observe information from both machines for one and the same aliquote in one shot! „Although working with two different software’s on two different computers, this system offers superb usability “, explained Professor Andrej Smuc, the initiator of the project.

Convenient features
Even FRITSCH product specialist Maik Paluga discovered some very convenient features while giving the training to the staff of the department. „We connected the wet dispersion unit to the A-22 and control the process this way. From the measurement cell of the Laser Particle Sizer the sample goes directly to the cell of the ANALYSETTE 28 where a live stream of the particle flow can be monitored. This way there is no more guessing, whether you are measuring agglomerates or air bubbles in case your data graph shows peaks at unexpected size classes. You can directly see what you are measuring with your own eyes. “

First installation was postponed
Had everything gone as planned this installation would have taken place in March already, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak no member of the FRITSCH team was allowed to travel to Slovenia. Nonetheless, the scientists had already been using the instruments for 2 months, by the time Mr. Paluga was finally able to cross borders within the EU.
Courtesy of the technical skills of the exclusive FRITSCH dealer for the Region, Mr. Matjaz Planinc, who was able to set up everything by himself without ever dealing with this kind of combination before. Even our specialist for Particle Sizers was impressed, stating that the installation would had not been done any differently, had he initially set it up it personally.
As a result of the good relations between manufacturer, distributor and customer, these instruments will now serve as demonstration equipment for interested customers in Slovenia and Croatia.