Our engineer and colleague in the development team Gerhard Bär retired after 35 years at FRITSCH Milling and Sizing. After some employees unfortunately only said goodbye in a very small circle last year due to Corona, numerous colleagues were able to participate in Gerhard Bär's farewell at a barbecue.
Some FRITSCH employees and the management took the floor and the common tenor was that Gerhard will be sorely missed at FRITSCH. Sebastian Fritsch called Gerhard "the prototype of a perfect employee". Max Fritsch thanked on behalf of all what Gerhard had done for FRITSCH and said, "You're always welcome at any celebration."

Technical Manager Wolfgang Mutter, who has worked with Gerhard at FRITSCH since January 1986, explained that he and Gerhard ushered in the evolution from the drawing board to the computer screen and this was the lesson for life: "the finished drawing is only the beginning and not the end, but now the regulations come into play." Gerhard was completely responsible for the LABORETTE and PULVERISETTE seris and also for the introduction of the ISO standards. He also acted as safety manager. Wolfgang Mutter thanked him for 35 years of pleasant cooperation and mentioned that numerous FRITSCH laboratory instruments will forever be associated with his name.

In an amusing presentation, Markus Bund (Development Team) and Tanja Scherer (Work Council member) shared numerous funny anecdotes about Gerhard. For example, when Gerhard was the only colleague to cross the Nahe river dry-footed during an excursion, because as an engineer he had naturally been looking for a bridge. Gerhard also provided a good atmosphere and great music at numerous FRITSCH parties with his guitar.
We wish Gerhard all the best for his retirement, especially good health, and are already looking forward to seeing him again at trips and parties.