So long Ruth!

It's hard to imagine that only 25 years ago, a woman in a man's job was still a novelty. Our Ruth, who has now retired, was a pioneer, as Juri Dinges (Technical Manager) explained: "Because it was courageous to enter a male domain. We now have more women on board with Nang and Caro, but Ruth acted as a pioneer, albeit unintentionally." Tobi Buchen (Production Manager) thanked Ruth for her work and attested to her great love of animals, which is not limited to her dogs, horses and chickens: "No, she even rescues marbled tree bugs when they have strayed indoors and returns them to nature." On behalf of the entire workforce, Markus Presser, Chairman of the Works Council, wished her all the best and aptly said: "Take care Ruth." And last but not least, Ruth summarized working at Fritsch: "Being able to work here at the company for so long is like winning the lottery."