A big part of the company is leaving... This was the tenor of Ralf Fischer's farewell. Our technician for laser particle measuring instruments and long-time chairman of the works council was bid farewell by the FRITSCH team after 33 years of service.

Due to Corona, the farewell had to take place outside. Despite the icy temperatures, many colleagues, former colleagues and even Robert Fritsch came to say goodbye to Ralf at a barbecue.

Sebastian and Max Fritsch expressed their special thanks for the positive cooperation between the management and the works council, especially in view of the pandemic. Sebastian Fritsch explained that during these times he sometimes thought more about Ralf when he fell asleep than about his family. They, too, are looking forward to seeing Ralf at the FRITSCH celebrations many more times.

Our technical manager Wolfgang Mutter told us that Ralf was responsible for the delivery and service of the ANALYSETTES from October 1989. He was also significantly responsible for the automation, i.e. the construction of our own control system for the particle measuring instruments. Mr. Mutter said that Ralf's job had taken him around the globe and that he actually knew what a prison in Saudi Arabia looked like from the inside. After the introduction of remote maintenance module for the particle measuring instruments, travel costs and adventures have been drastically reduced. Mr. Mutter thanked us for the good cooperation and emphasized, "You played a big part in getting us where we are today."

Our former CEO Robert Fritsch welcomed all present with a wink: "Some of you still know me and soon we will be the majority." He welcomed Ralf to the club of retirees and advised him to get a nice hobby.

Markus Presser, who now takes over the chairmanship of the works council after Ralf, also thanked Ralf for the good cooperation with a gift basket.

Of course, anecdotes were not to be missed and Markus Bund and Tanja Scherer punctuated these with "proof photos" of numerous trips and celebrations, for example, Ralf told us after his last business trip to Austria with astonishment: "There is actually positive feedback on my work in all these years."

Last but not least, Ralf took the floor and thanked everyone for their kind words. "I thought after my time in the Air Force 'What else is there to come?' But Fritsch grew on me, I experienced a lot, it was a good time and a great staff."

The FRITSCH team wishes Ralf all the best for his retirement and, above all, good health. We are already looking forward to seeing him again at many parties and excursions.


Even though Ralf will be sorely missed, our customers can contact Jerome Kempken for technical service for their Particle Sizing Instruments:

Jerome Kempken