Live from Shanghai: The Fritsch-Family on the international stage

Li Xiao, Head of our Chinese branch (left); Diels Ding, Bureau for South-East Asia (right)

We continue our global presence at trade fairs this year.

One of the larger events here was Analytica China, with close to 30,000 visitors. The Chinese branch of Messe München hit the zeitgeist with exhibitions on food safety, environmental analysis and nutritional sciences. In these areas of growing relevance, our laboratory instruments are one step ahead.

For example, the ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT laser particle sizer, within just 2 minutes, can be used to determine whether milk has been correctly homogenized. With the Planetary Micro Mill PULVERISETTE 7 premium line, on the other hand, even the most challenging samples can be ground into powders down to the nano-range. This opens the possibility to detect finer and finer traces of heavy metals in food.

As a result, our dedicated colleagues Diels Ding and Li Xiao soon found themselves in a live interview reporting on the multi-faceted applications of our instruments.

We are proud that our commitment to innovative technologies is helping to make the world a safer and more sustainable place.