Fit employees, strong company: Our success at the Birkenfeld corporate run


A diverse group of athletes

Our group of runners was as diverse as our company itself. Nine men and women of varying ages competed wearing the Fritsch logo.

From the young, dynamic athletes to the more experienced runners, our team of runners represented two of the pillars of our company: diversity and community.

The well-deserved 11th place among 72 participating teams shows one thing: this heterogeneity is our strength. The relaxed collegial exchange between different age groups provides the "sweet spot" between innovation and tradition that permeates the Fritsch brand.


The economy is back on track- Why such events are important

The Birkenfeld corporate run is not only a sports event, but also a symbolic expression of what is possible in our regional economy when companies work together. These events not only promote fitness, but also economic cooperation in the region. With a diverse mix of educational institutions, political officials and private businesses, events like these strengthen the sense of community and promote integrity in the region.

When businesses run side-by-side, they create a vibrant atmosphere of cohesion where new ideas can emerge and be shared. A synergy of healthy competition and cooperation. The Birkenfeld Company Run is proof that business and community can and must go hand in hand.

Healthy employees, successful companies

Our participation in the Birkenfeld company run underlines one of the cornerstones of the Fritsch self-conception: The importance of healthy and motivated employees for a company.

In a healthy and motivated community, work is less complicated, more productive, more pleasant all around. Sporting activities not only promote physical health, but also strengthen the spirit and the ability to work in a team. With initiatives such as the company's own fitness room, cooperation with the SmileX fitness studio, massage options, business bikes and ergonomic workplaces, we as the Fritsch Family want to create possibilities.

By encouraging and supporting their employees to engage in sporting activities, companies like ours are investing in their health, the future of their team and, ultimately, the entire region.

Our conclusion

Of course, after the work is done, we celebrate the success together in true Fritsch fashion. We are proud to have been a part of this event and look forward to supporting even more such events in the future. As our experience grows, so do our standards.

The goal for next year is clear: Top 10 we will return!