We care about families!

It is important to us that our families can combine work and family life. To this end, as a family-friendly employer, we offer: often custom-fit working hours, uncomplicated arrangements for parental leave, financial security and the opportunity to work in a home office. But we don't just support parents of children, we also support Fritschis when a family member needs more care, for example, or when their partner suddenly falls ill.

But see for yourself what experiences our dads Konstantin and Alex and mom Selina have with the topic of family and career:

*in German


And Fabian explained: "At the Fritsch company, work and family can be very well combined. On the one hand, our flexitime system offers flexible working hours so that fathers can also take their children to daycare in the morning, for example.
The option of working from home is also being further expanded. Children are welcome to visit us at the company".“