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Comminution of punching waste


This punching waste is on the one hand garbage on the other hand a valuable commodity. This explains the conflict of interest between the releasing company and the partner which recycles these materials and thereby winning back valuable metals. The first company though wants to achieve the highest price possible for the garbage and the second company wants to earn money with recycling it.
The exact analytical detection of the contents is therefore a prerequisite for both: the commercial evaluation and the direction of the recycling process.

The task

When viewing the task, it quickly becomes clear, that the production of a representative sample is an extreme challenge. The simplest method is the melting down of the corresponding amount of the punching waste. The biggest problem here though is, how to fill a suitable amount into a melting pot?

The solution

This task is solved with the FRITSCH Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19l/50-700 rpm. The punching waste is a hard, abrasive material. Therefore hardmetal tungsten carbide cutting tools are used. Equipped with a 4 mm sieve, a chunky sample is obtained. The in this manner acquired material, can simply be filled into the melting pot and melted down. From the melt, a homogenous sample is easily taken.

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