P-19 and P-19 large with variable rotational speed!


The right cutting mill for every application!

Powerful comminution with variable rotational speed
The FRITSCH Universal Cutting Mills PULVERISETTE 19 and PULVERISETTE 19 large ensure fast, easy comminution of a wide range of plastics/polymers as well as biological materials in small and large quantities. Its main areas of application include environment and recycling, secondary fuels/RDF in cement production, power generation and other similar contexts, as well as cannabis processing. There is a special stainless steel version for the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical sectors.

Flexible modular principle
By simply changing the rotor, you can adapt your P-19 or P-19 large Cutting Mill perfectly to any sample material. We have a range of rotors and fixed knives with different cutting geometries in a variety of materials. By choosing the sieve cassettes, you can determine the final fineness of your samples. Different funnels, collecting vessels and stands made of a variety of materials enable further configuration exactly for your applications. The connection to a FRITSCH high-performance or small volume Cyclone separator ensures simple feeding and cleaning, higher final fineness and faster throughput with minimized thermal load of the samples.

Variable 300-3000 rpm for fine comminution
The high-speed Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19 with a torque of up to 30 Nm comminutes soft to medium-hard sample materials and fibrous materials with reliable reproducible results. The great advantage: The variable rotational speed adjustment in increments of hundred between 300 and 3000 rpm enables fine tuning of the comminution process for each sample within a very wide range of applications.
DETAILs PULVERISETTE 19 large WITH 300-3000 rpm for large quantities

Variable 50-700 rpm for powerful comminution
The low-speed Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19 with variable rotational speed adjustment between 50-700 rpm and a torque of up to 67 Nm enables due to the combination of low cutting rate and extreme cutting forces a very powerful comminution of hard, tough-elastic samples and small sample quantities. At the same time, it is the ideal solution for all cases where e.g. thermal damage, the loss of highly volatile substances, or an excessively high fine share need to be avoided.
details PULVERISETTE 19 with 50-700 rpm
details PULVERISETTE 19 large with 50-700 rpm for large Quantities


ModelCard Universal Cutting Mill P-19/P-19 large

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