NEW Dry Dispersion Unit for Laser Particle Sizers ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT at glance!


Fast measurement of powdery samples in an accelerated airflow!

Dry dispersion is especially suited for not too fine, free-flowing materials, which react in water or other liquids. For sample volumes from less than 1 cm3 up to approx. 300 cm3.

The ultra-compact dry dispersion unit has a height-adjustable funnel and stirrer made of stainless steel ensuring optimum sample feeding adapted to the respective sample material. All parts that come into contact with the sample can be easily dismantled - thus guaranteeing absolutely fast and easy cleaning. Also the measuring cell of the ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT can be opened without tools by means of an eccentric lock. Its cleaning is quite convenient by an easily re-insertable outer seal. And also the exchange of the measuring cell glasses can be done any time completely uncomplicated.

In dry measurement the sample material is transported with a vibratory feeder through the intake funnel into the dry measuring cell, where it falls directly into a Venturi nozzle operating with an adjustable flow of compressed air. Upon passing through the nozzle, agglomerates are broken up and the measurement of the particle size dispersion in the laser beam takes place directly afterwards.

Dry dispersion unit
It’s height-adjustable funnel and a stirrer made of stainless steel ensure optimum sample feeding adapted to the respective sample material.


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