Great turn out

Our works council elections took place in April 2022. As in previous years, the voter turnout again was very high at 78% (86 valid ballot papers from 110 eligible voters).

A surprise during the counting of the votes

When the votes were counted, a very rare phenomenon occurred in the election process: After the first six works council members could be clearly identified by their votes, it was precisely in the seventh and last works council seat that a tie occurred between Niklas Hoffmann and Thomas Bauer. According to the Works Constitution Act, in this case a lot decides who is elected to the works council. In this case, the luck of the draw was on Niklas' side. Due to the increased number of employees, the works council now consists of 7 members.

Composition works council

At the first constituent meeting, the available positions were allocated as follows:

Markus Presser - Chairman of the Works Council
Tobias Schmell - Deputy Chairman of the Works Council
Tanja Scherer - Secretary

The works council would like to thank the election committee Roman Friedt, Petra Maynard, Lukas Arend and "substitute" Marcel Moosmann for the good organization and smooth running of the election!

"A big thank you to all staff members who stood for election! Now it is our task to represent our colleagues and their interests in the best possible way over the next four years. We continue to look forward to a trusting cooperation between staff and management."