A perfect farewell surprise

During the "run-in" to the stadium, Sebastian Fritsch, equipped with a proper stadium microphone, cheered on the FRITSCH team to give Mr. Mutter a fitting welcome:" "And with the number 1, Wolfgang MUTTER," then rang out from the stands.
Sebastian Fritsch opened the ceremony and expressed "the greatest gratitude" to Mr. Mutter especially during the challenging pandemic in which Mr. Mutter always kept his eyes on the right direction.
His successor, Mr. Juri Dinges, who is now "following in big footsteps", also addressed a few words to him: "You are a person you can always rely on" and a "colleague who always keeps the box clean", describe Mr. Mutter quite accurately, because that is how he is known here at FRITSCH.
How important Mr. Mutter has been in the FRITSCH team over the past 37 years is clearly demonstrated by his milestones: For example, he brought laser particle measurement to FRITSCH in 1985 and established our ANALYSETTE 22.
"He made the company what it is today," Max Fritsch summed it up.
Our development department had come up with a very special gift for him at the end, a model of a mill in mini specially made for Mr. Mutter with an integrated music box. For this music box, the "Star Wars" theme tune was specially chosen, it reminds at least acoustically of our Planetary Mills principle.

Mr. Mutter also enjoyed working at FRITSCH, because when one of our competitors said "You are clearly working in the wrong company", he replied "To that I must say, I worked in the right company!".
He perfectly reflected his special human qualities such as his calm manner and his unique dry sense of humor in his closing speech, after the successful surprise, "Max and Basti, you are crazy! I would have left without all this too." And with "That's it from my side" Herr Mutter ended his speech and the celebration began.

And Juri, Mr. Mutter's successor, has prepared himself very well for his new task: As part of his bachelor's degree, he completed a technical internship with us in 2011 and was always on call as a student trainee. He has been working in the development department since 2014 and more than successfully defended his master's thesis in 2017: Simulation and analysis of a dry measuring cell with Siemens NX11.
In addition to his outstanding technical competence and experience, he is also a Fritschie with heart and soul. And he explained to us: "My work is a matter of the heart! Why exactly a matter of the heart? Because I am not at work to do my time, but invest my heart and soul every day. In doing so, I enjoy the Fritsch family environment, which is just as much an affair of the heart."