Students of the vocational school awarded KMK foreign language certificates

We are globally active and good foreign language skills are mandatory in order to effectively communicate with our customers and trade partners. The enhancement of the command of English is therefore for our trainees an important aspect of their training. Our trainees had to demonstrate profound English skills during the exams for the foreign language certification.

For the ninth time students of both vocational schools for commerce and technology and the Harald-Fissler-Schule participated in the foreign language certification for English. All students voluntarily took part in this challenge. The exam was divided into a written an oral part. Tested were skills in listening, reading and understanding as well as the production of texts and mediation (summarizing and translating). Here the examinees demonstrated that they were capable of communicating business relevant facts in writing and speaking. The highest level of the exam was completed by the trainees for industrial clerks.

We invited all graduates and teachers for a graduation ceremony to our company headquarters in Idar-Oberstein. Managing director Robert Fritsch emphasized in his welcoming address the relevance of good foreign language skills in a globalized economy. FRITSCH has an export share of 85 % and English skills are tremendously important for our employees. He congratulated all graduates and was happy that also two FRITSCH trainees Selina Krieger and Franziska Mohr were amongst the successful participants. Fred Mildenberger, principal of the vocational school of commerce awarded the vocational students the sought after certificate of the Ministry of Education and Culture (KMK).