In bright sunshine during a small barbecue party, the FRITSCH team said goodbye to production manager Hermann Michel.  After more than 30 years at FRITSCH Milling and Sizing, numerous colleagues gathered to wish Mr. Michel all the best for his retirement.

Max Fritsch assumed the part of managing director Robert Fritsch. He thanked Mr.  Michel on behalf of the management: "You have done a lot for us and always identified yourself with the company, therefore a big thank you.

"I am sorry that you are not staying longer. You seldom said no. I thank you for 30 years of good teamwork and friendship," said technical manager Wolfgang Mutter. In addition to his duties as production manager, Mr. Michel also acted as facility manager, electrician and fleet manager. Mr. Michel also played a major role in the management of the construction of production facility I and II.

Chairman of the works council Ralf Fischer, as well as FRITSCH team members Marco Bauer, Hans-Werner Backes and Tobias Buchen also addressed personal words to Hermann Michel. Thanks to the FRITSCH team, Mr. Michel is now perfectly prepared for his hobby of fly fishing: as a farewell gift he received a new fishing rod, a travel guide of Norway and a fly fishing course. 

Mr. Michel was especially pleased about a special edition of hazelnut spread: Five jars with Mr. Michel's portrait and his unique sayings adorned the special edition breakfast jars of hazelnut spread.