On 10.08.2018 the annual FRITSCH summer fest took place, during which the staff made a joint excursion to the amusement park Eifelpark in Gondorf.

Already in the morning the cheerful group started towards Gondorf, where they reached the wildlife and amusement park at about 11 o'clock. The staff had the opportunity to attend a bird of prey workshop or take part in a rally across the park.

Of course there was also the possibility to test the numerous rides and walk through the amusement park.

The rally participants were divided into 4 groups and received clues that led them to the next attraction. The final clue led the groups to the final game in which the participants had to carry a beer glass through an obstacle course without spilling the contents. Skill, agility and balance were required. The team with the most beer left in the glass after the obstacle course, won the competition and was rewarded with a voucher for ice cream. 

The visitors of the falconry also had a lot of fun and learned interesting facts about the care of different birds of prey. Additionally participants were able to hold a falcon on their arm.


After an eventful day in the park, the FRITSCH team went to Kell am See to enjoy a dinner with a view of the lake.