Custom-made grip powder from the FRITSCH-Lab


The applications laboratory from FRITSCH is designed to implement concrete applications in laboratory practice with our laboratory instruments for the best possible results. Tell us what you need to achieve and we’ll find the perfect solution.
Our colleague Fabian Mayer, Head of FRITSCH Accounting in Idar-Oberstein and a passionate discus thrower, also followed this approach: In preparation for the 2021 German Senior Winter Throw Athletics Championships in Erfurt, he had his very own grip powder made by laboratory manager Leos Benes in the FRITSCH laboratory.
The initial materials: natural tree resin and powdered magnesium. The set-up: FRITSCH Knife Mill P-11 with 40 ml single-use grinding vessels. The number of trials: over a dozen until the two men were satisfied with the result. The realization: a short grinding time at maximum speed is much more effective in this case than a long grinding time at low speed.
The result: the first championship title for Fabian Mayer in discus throwing.