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Power Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 25



  • Powerful pre-crushing even for larger samples
  • For gentle comminution - rotor-speed 300-360 rpm
  • Max. throughput 120 x 85 mm, final fineness up to 10 mm
  • Various cutting rotors in different materials available


  • ROHS

    Extra powerful

    The FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 25 is our heavy duty Power Cutting Mill for fast, reproducible pre-crushing of dry, soft to medium-hard or fibrous materials and plastic with a feed size of 120 x 85 mm and a throughput quantity of up to 85 l/h with a low rotor speed of 300 – 360 rpm with a high-torque 2.2-kW geared motor.


    Unique grinding chamber geometry

    Another advantage of FRITSCH Cutting Mills is their special grinding chamber geometry: Thanks to a progressively designed cutting geometry between the rotating cutting edges of the rotor and the fixed knives in the grinding chamber, the sample material is automatically transported away and thereby comminuted increasingly fine by shearing forces between the knives until the desired final fineness is achieved. In addition, the practical FRITSCH sieve cassette always automatically ensures the optimal distance to the rotor – and since there are practically no dead spaces, the sample material cannot come to a rest anywhere. At the same time, the special FRITSCH-airflow automatically transports the finished comminuted sample to the practical collecting drawer or a larger collecting vessel because of the strong air throughput. Your advantage: Faster work and more effective protection against clogging.

    • Fast, reproducible and gentle pre-crushing – rotor speed 300-360 rpm
    • High-torque geared motor (2.2 kW)
    • Max. feed size: 120 x 85 mm
    • Throughput quantity of up to 85 l/h
    • Defined final fineness due to interchangeable sieve cassettes– 1 – 10 mm
    • Collection vessel 3 litres or 10 litres
    • Easy, fast and thorough cleaning of the grinding chamber and of all cutting tools
    • Standard  funnel for bulk solids 10 litres or protected funnel with pusher 3 litres
    • Variety of rotors available to adapt the cutting performance to suit the sample
    • Stable running and low wear due to patented double cone bearing of rotor
    • Exceptionally long service life through use of replaceable and fixed knives
    • Cutting rotor and sieve cassette can be removed and replaced without tools
    • Externally adjustable cutting gap
    • Housing and closing lid can be lifted to open completely
    • Smooth, easy-to-clean interior grinding chamber walls
    • Optimum airflow for particularly fast size reduction and secure protection against clogging
    • Extensive accessories for simplifying your daily work

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    Unmatched easy cleaning!

    While you are still tightening screws on other mills, is your FRITSCH Cutting Mill already clean. Because the entire grinding chamber can be opened easily in seconds and both the rotor and the sieve can be simply be removed with simple motions. The housing and closing lid can be lifted back completely, and the grinding chamber lid can be completely removed from its hinges.

    The result: A completely open, empty grinding chamber with minimised dead space for simple quick cleaning and reliable protection against cross-contamination.


    Configure your Power Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 25 exactly to your specific application

    Different funnels enable an optimal feeding of sample materials. The rotor with V-cutting edges, straight edges and disk milling cutter rotor with indexable inserts enable an optimal adaptation of the cutting performance to suit the sample.
    The patented FRITSCH sieve cassettes with trapezoidal and square perforations determine the final fineness of the sample, can be inserted quickly and easily and ensure automatically a constant distance between rotor and sample material. Your advantage: Always an optimal result.
    To accommodate the abrasion properties, cutting tools and sieve cassettes are available in different materials.
    A collecting vessel for 3 litres is offered and for larger quantities, a collecting vessel for 10 litres may be utilized.
    The PULVERISETTE 25 can be easily fixed to a table or the FRITSCH Universal support stand may be ordered.

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  • Applications / Solutions

    • Inspecting natural rubber analytically

      The production of homogenous composite samples is a prerequisite. Latex the white milky juice of the rubber tree, is sold in liquid or solid form as natural rubber. For the production of the liquid state, the tree juice is thickened and stabilized with ammonia. For the production of the solid state, the suitable chemicals are added to the juice of the plant and will coagulate. This solid is washed in various ways, dried and shaped mostly into thin slabs.

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    • Preparing leather for chemical tests

      Leather is produced by tanning of skin. Modern technologies of the leather production ensure that the leathers are available contaminant free. FRITSCH Cutting Mills are perfect for the sample preparation of leather for further tests.

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    • Vanadium – a metal with unlimited fields of application

      Vanadium – a transition metal with special potential. An interesting topic which for example is broadened through the possible uses of vanadium in the energy transition. In this article, the material properties of vanadium are discussed and the sample preparation described.

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    • Comminution of punching waste

      Non-ferrous metals punching waste respectively recycling materials accrue during the production of electronic components. The production of representative samples can simply be achieved with FRITSCH Cutting Mills.

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    • Sample preparation for the analysis of secondary fuel in cement plants

      Secondary fuel can be a very inhomogeneous sample, containing all types of polymers, paper, wood and low fractions of metal. Also recycled wood or parts of automobile tires might be used as secondary fuel. Before using it as fuel in the production of cement, several chemical analyses are necessary as quality control.

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    • Your cell phone turns into dust

      For the sample preparation for the RoHS analysis, several steps are necessary in order to achieve the desired degree of fineness. Optimal here are FRITSCH Mills.

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