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Cutting Mill Combination PULVERISETTE 25/19



  • Patented fully-automated , two-stage comminution
  • Sample extraction via Cyclone separator into glass sample bottle
  • Integrated sample division for fine size reduction
  • Various cutting rotors in different materials available


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    Patented power team

    With the extra powerful, patented FRITSCH Cutting Mill Combination of PULVERISETTE 25 and PULVERISETTE 19 as well as the associated FRITSCH high-performance Cyclone separator, it is possible, for example, to process 2 litres of sample material with a particle size of 30 mm in only one single step. It doesn‘t matter how heterogeneous the sample is – even household waste, construction waste, German recycling system bales or light shredder fractions from automobile recycling: Within five minutes, our extra-powerful double mill will reduce any of these materials into a representatively divided analysis sample with a final fineness of < 500 μm! This is the ideal solution for inexpensive preparation of heterogeneous materials for analysis according to the Technical Instructions on Municipal Waste (TOC) or for determination of the calorific value and chlorine content.


    Operating principles of the powerful FRITSCH Cutting Mill Combination

    The extra powerful FRITSCH Cutting Mill Combination consists of the Power Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 25 and the Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19. The entire sample is pre-crushed by the PULVERISETTE 25 then falls automatically through a funnel into a sample divider which divides the sample according to a 1:13 ratio by default. The division ratio is variable.

    This smaller sample is then automatically comminuted in the PULVERISETTE 19 down to a final fineness of 0.2 mm and drawn into the glass sample bottle by the connected FRITSCH high-performance Cyclone separator.

    Through selection of the cutting tool sets and sieve cassettes, the FRITSCH Cutting Mill Combination can be individually adapted to any specific application. All accessories of the PULVERISETTE 25 and PULVERISETTE 19 are available for this.

    • Maximum feed size 120 x 85 mm
    • Patented fully-automated two-stage comminution
    • Final fineness 0.2 – 6 mm
    • Sample extraction into glass sample bottle by FRITSCH high-performance Cyclone separator
    • Integrated sample division to reduce quantity for fine size reduction
    • Sample cooling during the comminution process
    • Processing of sample material with moisture content up to 30 %
    • Exceptionally high material throughput
    • Cutting tools can be removed without tools 
  • FRITSCH high-performance CYCLONE separator

    The extra powerful FRITSCH high-performance Cyclone separator

    The FRITSCH high-performance Cyclone separator completely made of stainless steel 304 is particularly indispensable in the analytical sector and in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and for the processing of heterogeneous mixtures of material, e.g. in the cement industry.
    Due to its high surface quality, it offers enhanced resistance to corrosive media such as alkalis and acids and is especially easy to clean with a wide range of possible cleaning agents, without leaving any residues. In addition, it can be completely dismantled, fully emptied, flooded and sterilised, and thus offers reliable protection against cross-contamination.


    Standard equipment for the universal application

    The FRITSCH Cutting Mill Combination consisting of the Power Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 25, the Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19 with an interposed sample divider, protected funnel with sample pusher, underframe and high performance Cyclone separator, with collecting vessel 60 litres and exhaust system; inclusive hardmetal tungsten carbide cutting tool sets and sieve cassettes made of stainless steel. For an individual adaptation to your specific application can the Cutting Mill Combination 25 / 19 be fitted with any type of cutting tool sets and sieve cassettes that are offered for the PULVERISETTE 25 and PULVERISETTE 19.

    View extensive accessories Power Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 25

    View extensive accessories Universal Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 19

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