Powerful combination: pre- and fine-crushing in a single step

For fast, continuous pre- and fine-grinding particularly of large quantities of coarse material, the combination of the FRITSCH Jaw Crusher PULVERISETTE 1 classic line and Disk Mill PULVERISETTE 13 classic line  is the ideal solution.

Mounted together onto a rack and connected to each other by a chute, they automatically grind the material from a particle size of up to 60 respectively 95 mm to a final fineness of down to 100 μm – fast, easy and effective in a single step.

Of course is this combination also available for completely metal-free pre- and fine grinding.

Application Examples

Mining and metallurgy Ores, coal, coke, slags, niobium-titanium, ferrovanadium, chrome vanadium, tungsten carbide
Geology and mineralogy Granite, basalt, barite, silicates and other rock
Glass industry Frits, glass, raw materials
Ceramics industry Steatite, fire-clay, sintered ceramics, electrotechnical porcelain, dental ceramics
Rocks and soils Bauxite, clinker, quartz, concrete, slags, gypsum, chalk

Features Overview

  • Fast, continuous pre- and fine-grinding
  • Compact in a single instrument
  • Maximum particle size 60 respectively 95 mm
  • Minimum final fineness 0.1 mm

Pre- and fine-grinding, with quartzite stones

Size of the material filling into the PULVERISETTE 1 - particle size up to 95 mm
Intermediate results of the PULVERISETTE 1 - final fineness down to 1 mm
Final result of the PULVERISETTE 13 - final fineness of down to 100 µm

Additional information

Detailed information about each single instrument, as well as a selection of the appropriate grinding parts and the desired configurations are found on our product pages:


Jaw Crusher PULVERISETTE 1 Model I classic line

Jaw Crusher PULVERISETTE 1 Model II Classic Line