Protocol number:M130212
Feed Size:< 6 cm
Characteristics:3 Proben Ton - mehr oder weniger feucht...
Desired Fineness:d50 < 63 µm
Quantity:1 kg
Recommendation:Pre grinding can be done with Jaw Crusher PULVERISETTE 1 Model I (for pieces up to 6 cm start size) or Model II (for up to 95 mm start size). Afterwards, higher amounts can be ground with our Disk Mill PULVERISETTE 13 to a fineness of < 100 µm (thickness); also a planetary mill like PULVERISETTE 5 classic line (with up to 4 bowl fasteners), or PULVERISETTE 6 classic line (with 1 bowl fastener) can be used for fine grinding . Samples need to be dry to get ground properly.
Result 1
Result 2
Result 3