The international standard ISO 13320 "Particle Size Analysis – Laser Diffraction Methods" describes the methods for the determination of particle size distribution via laser diffraction. In the following table, you will find the technical specifications required by ISO 13320 for the ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT. All laser diffraction instruments for particle size measurement can be compared worldwide based on this table.

Table of the technical specifications demanded according to ISO 13320:


Specification Micro / Nano
Type Solid state diode
Wavelength 520 nm (green)
Power approximately 1 mW
Intensity stability (accepted level of fluctuation) < 2 %
Beam shape Gauß, phase-coupling
Polarization linear polarized >100:1
Typical lifetime 10000 h


Specification Micro / Nano
Focal length 400 mm
Working distance 360 mm
Fixed or requires changing fixed


Specification Micro / Nano
Number of elements 51 / 60 (Nano)
Geometry (e.g. half or quarter rings, segments, etc.) half rings and segments
Alignment automatic oder manual automatic and manual
Detector elements calibrated yes
Display of the normal detector signals for background measurements and their permissible limits yes
Overload level for detector elements 16Bit, 65536


Specification Micro / Nano
Repeatability within instrument d50 < = 0.5 %
Instrument to instrument d50 < = 3 %
Resolution and number of size classes up to 110
Lower detection limit for small amounts of small and large particles in size distributions (within measuring range) 3 %
Indication of particles outside measuring range lower limit cumulative


Specification Micro / Nano
Measuring range, overall and during each analysis 0.5 - 1500 µm / 0.01 – 3800 µm (Nano)
Particle size class ranges, fixed or adjustable up to 110
Types of output, e.g. differential and cumulative distributions, values for certain particle sizes in percent and / or inverted, moment values, conversion in distribution models for all types
Data storage, availability of background and sample measurement values ASCII, Access, Excel, all values storable

Sample Circuit

Specification Micro / Nano
Depth of the measuring plane in laser beam 4 mm
Liquid pump rate 3.5 l/min
Ultrasonic power and frequency 50 W / 40 kHz
Volume of sample circuit 150 - 500 ml
Materials of system in contact with particles and dispersion fluids high-quality stainless steel 316L, PTFE, BK7 glass, Viton®, hoses made of LEZ SIL®
Maximum particle size which can be dispersed 3800 µm
Maximum density of the sample (depending on particle size) 14 g/cm³


Specification Micro / Nano
Typical measuring time 10 s
Minimum time between measurements 2 min


Specification Micro / Nano
Calculation of model matrix yes
Multiple scattering calculation yes, internal
Type of optical models that can be applied Mie, Fraunhofer
Indicative description of mathematical methods for example weighting, bounding, grading Regularization


Specification Micro / Nano
Software MaS control
Required computer Standard Windows-PC, 4 GB RAM, at least Windows 10, USB port, monitor, keyboard, mouse