Our FRITSCH team colleagues Stefan Bizer and Fabian Mayer have successfully participated in German Championships.

Our service technician Stefan competed in the German championships of the German Shooting Association on 4 March 2022. To be able to participate in this German Championship at all, he had to reach a certain score at the State Association Championships to qualify for this World Championship. Stefan was part of the Masters League and participated in the Compound Bow discipline. In this discipline he had to shoot a compound bow at a target from a distance of 18 metres.

Stefan reached the fourth place with a score of 573 out of 600 possible points and an average of 9,55. For comparison, first place had a score of 579, second place had a score of 576, and third place had a score of 575. So it was a very close result.

Our accounting department head Fabian participated in the German Senior Winter Throw Athletics Championships in Erfurt on March 26, 2022 for TuS Kirn. The championships are held in the disciplines hammer throw, javelin throw and discus throw. Fabian competed in the discipline discus throw and had qualified for this year´s championships last year with a throw of 45.35 m. His competitor achieved a distance of 41.82 m directly on his first attempt. Fabian made it very exciting and was only able to beat this throw with a distance of 42.23 m on his last attempt. He won his first German championship title.

The FRITSCH team even supported Fabian in the competition and ensured the perfect grip: As part of a project, the compound was perfectly adjusted in our laboratory.

We are very happy for both of them and congratulate Stefan on his successful fourth place and Fabian on his first German championship title! Both have delivered a very good performance!