Many customers might have noticed in the last months, our product manager for Particle Sizers Dr. Günther Crolly welcomed a new team member. As of May this year, Maik Paluga joined the team. We would like to introduce you to FRITSCH's newly aligned laser team.

Maik please tell us something about yourself first:
Maik Paluga: I'm a sports-mad family man, married and we have two children. The sport is currently reduced to cycling and running. I used to play American football with the Paderborn Dolphins. I'm a physicist; I was self-employed after my studies and worked in the solar industry.

How did you become aware of FRITSCH and what did you notice during your first days with us?
Maik Paluga: Years ago I had been in Idar-Oberstein in job related matters and when I entered Idar-Oberstein and job offers as keywords in a search engine, FRITSCH Milling and Sizing was ranked first for a job offer. The job description also suited me perfectly. Eventually I started in May, and I immediately noticed that FRITSCH is humane, collegial and still professional.

How do you divide the tasks in the future and who is responsible for what in the team?
Dr. Crolly:
The basic idea is that Maik will maintain external contact with customers and prospects as well as relationships with our representatives. He is the primary point of contact for application questions. I will no longer be as sales oriented, but rather application and technology oriented. So my focus will be more on product management. For example, testing new Particle Sizers and the limits of what is feasible and to document these possibilities. This means that we will use these synergy effects and support each other and we will be able to respond even more effectively to the various applications of our customers.

What will be your next project?
Dr. Crolly: We would like to offer more in the area of multimedia, so I'll be creating training videos and Maik will also be producing product videos.

Maik Paluga: One focus will be webinars. A webinar "Introduction to particle measurement" took place last week especially for interested parties from Costa Rica. Webinars or training courses can be requested by our representatives or customers - worldwide on site if required. Next year there will also be a workshop on particle measurement here at our premises.

We are looking forward to hearing from you
The FRITSCH team for particle sizing technology is looking forward to an exciting dialogue with interested parties, customers and representatives and will be more than glad to support you.
Simply contact us via e-mail: Maik Paluga or give us a call 49(0)6784 – 70-188