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Grinding report database

MaterialFeed sizeFinal fineness 
Ashes (with wooden pieces and metal fragments)2cmapp. 200µm
Bois (wood)5 mm< 80µm
CCA pine wood cubes6x6x6mm< 300µm
heazlewoodite1-2mm*ca. 80% <5
organic fibers (dry sample)< 5 cm< 1 mm (lenght)
Parts of olive trees and citrus fruits driedmax 2 cm< 200 µm
PVC Woodcomposites (4 Samples)
Wood< 14 cm< 1 mm / < 4 mm
wood< 7cm<250µm
woodapp. 1 x 0,4cm*3homogenous, lightly like fibres
Wood< 10 mm< 1 mm
wood (biomass)< 13cm< 4mm
Wood (dried; natural and previously treated)< 3 cm< 500 µm
Wood (wet)2 cm1 mm (thick)
wood and bark6 cm< 1 mm
wood chips (dry)< 3 cm< 2 mm
wood shavings3 mm< 0,25 mm
wooden chips (soft)6.0 cm90.0 % < 4.0 mm
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