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Grinding report database

MaterialFeed sizeFinal fineness 
Cordierite glass (3 samples)< 0,7 mm< 15 µm
Four kinds of glass3,5-6cm< 100µm
Glassd95 < 20 µmd50 < 8 µm
Glass45x20mm< 30µm
glass< 1cm< 50µm
glass< 5 cm< 5 mm
glass10 mm75% < 100µm
glass2-3 cm< 500 µm
glass< 20mmd90 < 5µm
glass (2 samples; short & long; both are moistened)< 30 cmd50 < 1µm
Glass (white)< 4 cm< 5 mm
Glass drops< 3x0,5 cm< 25 µm
Glass Frit120µm100% < 4µm
glass frit< 20 mmca. 100µm
Lanthanum glass< 5mm *< 200µm
Leaded glass powders<40µmd50 < 1µm
sodium silicate (water glass)6 cm< 10 mm
sodium waterglass (sodium silicate)1 mm< 50 µm
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