Here, in the Robert Fritsch Tower, all new technical developments in the field of particle sizing with and without lasers will be created in future; application tests are carried out and the optimal parameters for your specific measurement tasks are determined in individual test measurements. Ideas for new, innovative instruments and modules are developed on the top floor of the tower, constantly improving and expanding the range of FRITSCH Particle Sizers. One floor below, theory is put to the practical test in the application technology department.
When setting up our new technology centre for particle measurement, we also modernized and extended our fully equipped training laboratory. Here we bring particle measurement technology and all its subtleties to life in practical on-site hands-on training courses, where we train our international sales staff. A specially equipped video area means that in the future we will be able to provide even better worldwide online video demonstrations of the instruments, either by individual appointment or in public webinars. These are just two of the benefits you can enjoy as part of the FRITSCH Particle Sizing Community.