After more than 5 years at FRITSCH, Thomas Fritsch retired from the sales team at his own request. He was responsible for several European countries as well as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Thomas said that he had worked for 3 companies in his life and that the conditions at FRITSCH were just right. He explained with a wink that he might be biased. But the fact is that the family history is important to him, because he is also uncle of the managing directors Max and Sebastian Fritsch.
Even though Sebastian Fritsch is sad to say goodbye, he is looking forward to seeing Thomas Fritsch, who is also a partner at Fritsch, at least 4 times a year at the company review. Sebastian thanked him for his absolute reliability and his actions which were always in the best interest of the company.
On behalf of the staff Tanja Scherer said thank you and wished him that he now has a lot of time for his hobbies. She also thanked him for the good cooperation and collegiality.
Sales Manager Wolfgang Simon said that Thomas also knew how to deal with difficult characters and that he mastered his tasks in sales with flying colors.
On behalf of the sales department, Wolfgang also wished him all the best and thanked him again for everything. Robert Fritsch also thanked him for everything and stated "You and I as shareholders and at the same time employees, we have moved a lot together.